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Parkside: Find your path in the heart of downtown Birmingham.


Parkside Map
Railroad Park


Since opening in September of 2010, award-winning Railroad Park has become one of the brightest jewels in Birmingham’s civic crown, playing host to cultural events, food festivals and everyday relaxation. Birmingham finally has a back yard.

Railroad Park voted best new park in U.S.

Regions Field


Home to the minor league Birmingham Barons baseball team, the 2013 Southern League champions, this state-of-the-art ballpark is an inspiration to the city. And it’s also the perfect place for family and friends to share America’s pastime (and a few slices of pizza) together, too.

About Regions Field
Regions Field helped drive revitalization effort

Powell Avenue Steam Plant

Powell Ave
Steam Plant

The historic plant that powered the burgeoning Magic City more than one century ago is getting a second chance. Today, Alabama Power has a vision for a renovated plant to serve as a mixed-use facility and propel the city forward again.

Birmingham's Powell Avenue Steam Plant renovation to include community plaza

Powell Avenue Steam Plant

Negro League

Birmingham is a city reconciling its future with its past, and the Negro League Museum will situate the proud legends of Rickwood Field next to the bright hopes of Regions Field.

Reclaiming history

Context Map

Central to the City

Located in the heart of downtown Birmingham — bounded on the north by Railroad Park, the south by 4th Avenue South and the Medical District, the east by 20th Street South, and the west by I-65 — the Parkside District is the versatile mixed-use district that the Magic City has always needed.

Light Rails Underpass


What’s a city without art? International light artist Bill FitzGibbons installed a gorgeous spectrum of LED lights to illuminate the 18th Street viaduct, creating a little piece of magic in the district. FitzGibbons's LightRails was the first in a series of four viaduct lighting projects, known collectively as Birmingham Lights.

Birmingham lights downtown viaducts with art

Merita Bread Factory


The former Merita bakery is being reimagined to provide the district with office spaces and a restaurant that overlooks Railroad Park and Regions Field.

Former Merita Bakery next to Birmingham Railroad Park to become restaurant, office space

Good People Brewing Co.

Good People
Brewing Co.

In a city often defined by its food, Good People Brewing Co. spearheaded a beer renaissance, creating nationally beloved—and more importantly, delicious—ales in the heart of the South.

Good People Brewing to reopen after renovations

The Parkside experience:

  • Sophisticated urban living
  • Homegrown and national retail
  • First-rate restaurants and breweries
  • The beautiful and award-winning Railroad Park

Within easy walking distance of the historic Central Business District, the Loft District, UAB, Five Points South and more, Parkside also serves as an urban trailhead to begin your exploration of Birmingham on a human scale, at a human pace—whether that’s on foot, your bike, skateboard, rollerblades, or with the kids in strollers, Parkside is a great jumping off point to experience Birmingham.


Publix at 20 Midtown

Publix at
20 Midtown

Downtown Birmingham has been without a full service grocery for decades, but coming soon to the corner of 20th Street and Third Avenue South is the City’s newest Publix.

Publix to build grocery store in downtown Birmingham as part of $30 million project

Downtown Birmingham Publix construction planned to start in 60 to 90 days

The Stockyard


Birmingham’s first crowd-sourced commercial development features space for offices, restaurants and apartments.

Shannon Waltchack ready to start construction on $5 million Stockyard

LIV Parkside


A cornerstone of Parkside’s future as a mixed-use district, the six-story LIV Parkside development will include a ground floor of retail space in addition to its 228 apartment units.

LIV Parkside $30 million apartment and retail project starts construction


Unlock Parkside

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There are other mixed-use districts in the city, but Parkside is the first in Birmingham to combine upscale living with an ideal location in the heart of the city, driving toward a walkable, healthier, more diverse future. If you’re looking for the ideal urban neighborhood for the 21st century, look no further.



The Regions Field diamond isn’t the only office you’ll find around Parkside. The burgeoning district is full of promising developments—including the Merita Bread Factory, the Stockyard, and LIV Parkside—that will appeal to smart investors, businesses looking for office space with real character, ambitious entrepreneurs, and working-class heroes.



Life’s about more than work, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s all about a walk to clear your head on a perfect day in the park, or a tie game in the bottom of the ninth, or solving the world’s problems with your buddies over a cool pint of beer. However you want to relax, Parkside has something for you.


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